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February 22nd, 2009, 04:21
i understand what your saying. however preduce based on the way people act, ie bullying, is not even close to the same as judging people for the way they look and collectively so. i agree we are all some what bigotted, but judging those whose personal actions you have not witnessed isn't biggotry its racism, and ashley disliked all the aliens on the ship because they weren't human. it wasn't even that she just hated one race. to me thats the most extreme form of racism, or xenophobia whatever that is akin to jingoism and why she may have made a good 'soldier' but why her career record was far from officer material.

she may have had a reason for her racism/bigotry--but reasons aren't excuses.

my biggest biggotry is against white ford trucks. i'm not joking when over the past half a dozen years 90% the ones i see are dick drivers to me or someone else.
sure we all have targets for are ire: but to me it seems leveling the frustratiion at inanimate things such as certain vehicles, corportations, or even a rival sports team to me is better than at a person, or group of people.
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