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February 22nd, 2009, 20:41
Hi everyone. I'm in chapter 3 most probably. I've completed the orc cemetery quest. I wanted to ask a few questions:
After doing that quest, Cor Angar told me to gather some herbs for Ye Brien [sorry for the spelling]. Since it was dark, I went to sleep instead and left the job for the morning. When I took him the herbs he told me that
Spoiler – Ye Brien's fate
Is this inevitable? or did this happen because I went to sleep
Also, I want to become a ranger, but I wasted my skills on two handed weapon. I wanted to know when and where would I find someone who'd teach me about the crossbow and where would I get such a weapon. I have bolts though that I think might be for that cause.
Also, I came across a lot of shadow beast skins in chests from gomez's castle. Can I sell them or would they be helpfull in any quest.
Finally, from whom can I buy more arrows?
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