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February 22nd, 2009, 21:44
Originally Posted by Sir Markus View Post
I missed the boat with this game. When I first installed, I figured it was another HOMM clone and dismissed it. Recently I was bored with nothing to play and decided to try this one again based on all the reviews that called it a CRPG. WOW! This is a really outstanding game, and is kind of a CRPG/Adventure hybrid; it reminds me a little bit of the earlier Ultimas. It's simply excellent, but it took a while to understand the nuances and how the game works overall. I'm hoping for an expansion/sequel. The only downside is the stilted text dialogue; hopefully if there is a sequel/expansion the designers will hire somebody to do a more polished English translation.
IIRC, there's already an expansion in the works to do with a Princess…google it up! I also need to give this a shot I suppose…grab it on some digital distro then hopefully at some later point this year I'll have a capable PC to run it and others.
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