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February 22nd, 2009, 22:19
Did Ashley believe that Humans were superior to all other races? Or did she just not trust or like the other races? Not liking and thinking you are superior because of your race are two different things. Were the Humans the top dogs of the universe in ME? Or were they somewhat of an underclass(race)?
If they did not have true equality you could say they are being oppressed. Do you think you might feel different if Ashley was a black character in a game set in modern USA, and you switched out Aliens with whites? Would she still be a racist? Is it okay for a black person to mistrust and dislike whites if whites killed his or her parents?

And you can use always replace excuse with reason in any sentence. The excuse I gave for being late: the reason I gave for being late. An excuse is a reason. And a reason is an excuse if used as a noun, right? But not a verb or an idiom.

A rival sports team is a group of people as well. But Iíll stop nitpicking. I agree with what you say in general, but let me ask you this. Did and do jews have reasons to not like Naziís, blacks not like whites, women not like men, the fellowship not like Sauronís forces, etc. There are plenty of great reasons and excuses for one group not to like another. Every character in a game being the perfect ideal hippy-fascist and the gamís only good path as being hippy-fascist seems a little narrow-minded and exclusive. Iíd rather play a game that is open-minded and inclusive, filled with characterís that are narrow-minded and exclusive.
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