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February 22nd, 2009, 23:49
Two or more casters spell trouble. Ice lance is my best friend here, the basic tactic is to freeze all but one and melee the last one. You can also use summons (even a goblin will be fast enough to take out a caster).

For the particular case of Geldern I use the following somewhat cheesy tactic: deal any killing blow)

1) Cast bloodlust on a guard standing next to the shaman (shamen are immune).
2) Let the guard hit the shaman to make the shaman hostile.
3) Cast ice lance on the guard to freeze (but not kill) the guard. Without freezing the guard will knock down (but not kill) the shaman.
4) Once unfrozen the guard will go for you, just run around and let the shaman take out the guard (since he uses magic rather than a melee weapon he WILL kill the guard).
5) Watch the other guards scream "murderer" and gang up on the shaman, making short work of him

This probably wont work if your Arcane Knowledge is very high as you dont want to kill the guard with your shot.
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