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February 24th, 2009, 19:23
Originally Posted by ToddMcF2002 View Post
Just for the record, I went with the 0 magic option. Is everyone saying that is a showstopper? I decided to do an archer dual wielder. Even the Goblin shamans are trouble for me, nevermind the 3 or 4 orc shamans in Geldern!
A zero-magic character will do ok, you'll just have to be more careful in a few select battles. I've gone through the game using no magic but scrolls (open lock and the occasional ice lance).

It isnt a showstopper, but you should save the liberation of Geldern until fairly late in the game (I do that regardless). Geldern is among the hardest liberation quests in the game (Ishtar and Faring might be comparable but the mages are more spread out there). Without magic your best bet is to kill one shaman quickly in melee and then run outside the city. The orcs will come rushing after you, but you wont have to fight all the shamen at once. Dispose of the enemies as quickly as you can and close in on any shamen that you see. Mobility will protect you from crossbow bolts but not magic.

You might also consider using whatever Ice Lance scrolls you have found. I can only think of two other places in the game where these scrolls are put to better use, both places have three casters close to each other and are late game locations.

I'd spend five points on ice lance (taught by druids and water mages IIRC) even with a non-caster character though. The spell is very low level, so you should eventually have enough Arcane Knowledge from books and artefacts to learn it. Even if there are plenty of ice lance scrolls in the game they are random drops, meaning that one might run out of them at the wrong time…

And armour doesnt help all that much against spellcasters, but a few extra HP (I typically end up with around 600 points as a warrior type character) might mean you last one fireball longer…
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