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February 25th, 2009, 02:24
I think my ancient knowledge is up to 75 or so. I read the lecterns wherever possible and the tablets. I've got the Paladin Armor and I wasted LP's on dual wield. I seem to get knocked down alot with dual wield and never with a shield (because greater shield parry?) not exactly sure why.

Yes armor is useless against shamans. There is no actually protection against fire or ice if you look at the armor stats. My health is in the 400's, and one close combat fireball is worth 400 plus apparently.

I rush the shamans, that's how I took out the Orc's outside of the domed city. I'm in the desert now so I'll stay there and see if I can build up more ancient knowledge. LP's arent exactly hard to come by. The only skill I'm still actively developing anyway is hunting. I want 230 and I'm at 180. Everything else I'll put into magic after that.

Still love the game. Boy is it Looooooong. Not a bad thing at all though.
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