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February 25th, 2009, 09:19
Originally Posted by ToddMcF2002 View Post
I rush the shamans, that's how I took out the Orc's outside of the domed city. I'm in the desert now so I'll stay there and see if I can build up more ancient knowledge. LP's arent exactly hard to come by. The only skill I'm still actively developing anyway is hunting. I want 230 and I'm at 180. Everything else I'll put into magic after that.

Still love the game. Boy is it Looooooong. Not a bad thing at all though.
I found that the best feature of shield parry is the extra armour stat rather than the active parry, so I make sure I have a shield on my back (it still adds to the armour) even when using bow.

If you've focused on hunting so far I think it's most rewarding to stay on that path. Archery is IMHO the most rewarding type of combat and damage increases with higher skill. 230 and the silent death bow isnt enough to insta-kill goblin shamen either

As for the others:

AK - Low level Arcane knowledge will only be good for support anyway. Get whatever utility spells you want (ice lance is IMHO the only low level one of interest) but dont pump AK actively. Get the quick learner skill once you have 100 points though, it only takes 5 levels for that skill to pay off if you havent spent points on AK just to get there.

STR - Strength increases melee damage as hunting does for arrows, but I found that in practice (due to the speed of melee combat if nothing else) the benefit of pumping STR are less impressive than for pumping hunting. It makes more of a difference to be able to take out a goblin shaman with one arrow than to be able to take him out with one melee hit (due to the interrupting effect of melee combat). You might want to park it at 250 (which is where you can lift up millstones for extra points) but I would absolutely not take it further for an archer.

Hitpoints: 400 will already take you quite far, but more is obviously better… Having more than 500 points is more of a convenience than anything else, but HP are fairly cheap.

G3 is not really hard enough to require optimisation of the character, but if you want to avoid waste I wrote a bunch of suggestions on "parking points" in this thread some time ago: http://www.rpgwatch.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2853
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