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February 25th, 2009, 13:37
Sure, there is definitely enough LP to go around for almost any kind of character Clearing the entire map should easily take one to the mid-high 70s.

Mana regen is nice but only really necessary if one use offensive magic a lot, and then it should be combined with a decent mana pool as the rate is proportional to your max mana. If magic only is used as a supplement the plentiful mana potions will do, and dont require the spending of tonnes of LP on arcane knowledge. And while magic is a very convenient form of combat I find it a bit of a waste when one already has high hunting (not to mention that archery is a more involved form of combat that one might be tempted to stop using as magic is so easy to use). A melee-magic combination would have less redundancy in the skillset.

Btw, I think both regen skills were nerfed a bit by the community patches. I recall them being much faster in the early versions.
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