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February 25th, 2009, 15:40
Summons as distraction is a good tactic at times. I've only used the odd scroll for it, and dont know the AK requirements for the various summons. I do think that mana potions would suffice for such limited support.

My main argument against AK in this situation is more on the emotional side. If I played a hunter and didnt focus on hunting at least until I can kill goblin shamen with one shot (around 350 hunting IIRC), but instead took AK to 250 (probably enough to to kill them with one fireball/ice lance instead), I'd be too tempted to use the easier magic way and drop my trusty bow for the rest of the game. For that reason I tend to only take hunting high enough to gather trophies when playing a character with offensive magic abilities, and not bother with AK at all when playing a ranged character (the scrolls I find will usually suffice for any magic needs except that measly ice lance).
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