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February 26th, 2009, 23:46
Just finished Douglas Sirk's Imitation of Life. Really enjoyed it and I'm really starting to appreciate Sirk's work. The other two I've seen, Written on the Wind and All That Heaven Allows, also encouraged me to come back and give a more critical analysis. Eventually, I imagine, I'd like to use these as subjects of film essays. I think it would produce some really interesting results.

It's also interesting how atypical a film like this would be for me to watch when I first saw All That Heaven Allows. It's seems like most english cinema in general was atypical and it's slightly humorous, I think, that after reading interviews of Rainer Fassbinder I decided to give Sirk a view which totally picqued my curiousity of other english movies I've missed out on - which it turns out is quite a number. Which is great. I'm glad I've started humbling myself to be patient enough to wade through past prejudices and appreciate things as I may perceive them now.
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