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March 2nd, 2009, 10:24
Originally Posted by Krzychu View Post
I managed to kill her at level 9 I think. Like Arhu said, you should engage her only after she's alone - enter the chamber, and then try to lure the other rats to you and get rid of them. After that you can save in a different slot, and cast all the buffing spells you want. One thing I learned was to always kill the rats that she summons. Those rats are pretty powerful, they inflict wounds quickly, so when they appear, ignore the mother and kill them first, otherwise they'll knock out your entire party in no time. Just order everyone to attack the same rat, kill it, then focus on the next one. It worked for me. Of course, you need some luck, because the tide can turn in a matter of one round, if you suddenly get three wounds from one bite…

I think you should have at least two warrior-types in the party, since my magic users were knocked out pretty early during every try.

Oh, and more thing: summon a creature if you can. I had someone summon a boar, and it helped a lot during the first rounds of the battle, because almost all the rats focused on the boar.

I thought that this quest was pretty cool - the boss was a real challenge! It was fun to come back to that cave at differents points in the game and try to beat the rat mother (and to discover that I'm *still* too weak, heh). I don't know if the difficulty of it was unintentional, but I still liked it.

Edit: A bit off topic but: *if* you already did the Dranor quest in there, then the location will be closed after you beat the Mother Rat. So, before you leave…

I finished the Rat Mother quest yesterday and left the cellar.
What hav I missed not visiting Dranor cell again? Is it something important?
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