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March 3rd, 2009, 19:19
Originally Posted by Benedict View Post
One of my big issues with charisma is that even when games do allow you to talk your way round a fight and even get experience, you still get more experience and more stuff if you just kill everyone and loot their still warm bodies. There needs to be some mechanic that encourages non violent solutions before the diplomatic option becomes preferable.
Experience isn't everything. Sometimes you can get more experience by killing everyone and everything you meet, but does that feel realistic to you? Plus you might actually end up losing experience overall if it turns out those villages you slaughtered would give you quests that would lead to many more monsters if you spared them a little longer.

Anyway, there are plenty of examples of games which rewarded you more for talking and actually reading the walls of text that some games throw at you:

1. Planescape: Torment ( in here having more Wisdom/Charisma/Intelligence allowed you to have much bigger and more complex social interactions that lead to great power-ups for you and your NPCs. What would you rather have, a little more exp from fighting, or being able to increase your NPCs abilities permanantely and learining unique spells by talking to them? Not to mention you literally miss half of game's story and point by having low social skills).
2. Fallout (where you can negotiate a release of a prostitue being held hostage, if you don't have high charisma the guy kills her, if you try to kill him first, he still kills her first. If you talk him out of it, you get more experience, and a nookie. This is just one of the examples in that game).
3. Vampire: Bloodlines (you don't get experience for killing stuff, you get experience for completing objectives. And many of them are completable through stealth or social interactions).
4. Arcanum ( you get more NPCs travelling with your party if you have higher socials skills. What do you want to be, a single Half Ogre that wants to barsh everything? Or a half elven seductress that highers several Half Ogres to guard her? )
5. BGII ( you get a lot more experience for completing quests then from killing anything ).

I'm sure there are others.
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