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March 5th, 2009, 01:45
Originally Posted by Kostaz View Post
Since this won't be too oftopic I'll grab the opportunity to enrich my knowledge about some things.

I thought Interplay were just publishers like EA,they had control of the project/game but the development was up to Black Isle and other developers.
Black Isle was a division of Interplay, i.e. an in-house studio and label (Baldur's Gate -developed by BioWare- was published under the Black Isle label). Black Isle was not an independent entity.
Likewise, your EA comparison is lacking. EA has always been a developer as well, not just a pure publisher. EA has quite a large variety of internal studios that were either acquired or built up from the ground or consolidated from several studios that they acquired or created or closed etc.

After Interplay went out of business so did Black Isle why?
See above. Black Isle was a part of Interplay.

What is Obsidian's connection to Black Isle?
The founding members of Obsidian worked at Black Isle before BI/IPLY went out of business.
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