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March 6th, 2009, 19:41
Well, I did comment on the demo that the games does feel strange for a reason. While I haven't gotten far in the full version of the game, I kinda like it more than I did the demo. I know, this time the AI is way better than me in playing the puzzle, mostly since I still haven't got used to the mechanic of it and gems are dropping in all the wrong direction to the one I thought they would, but there are way more things to do that don't have an opponent. Like mining, crafting, the omnipresent hacking, bartering and so. The AI in PQ was a bit annoying, since it almost all the time knew exactly what gems would be dropping down, and the game itself did get a bit tedious almost everything had an opponent, not to mention the numerous wandering monsters.

Gate hacking is a bit annoying, true, mostly since I hate timed anythings, but it's fun in it's own way. I find it quite satisfying to finally manage to crack down a particularly annoying gate after a couple of attempts. Also, it does help a bit in the mastering of the puzzle, since there is no opponent in it.

Overall, while I do find a couple of things in Galactrix a bit annoying, like the story does seem a bit bland (but then again, so was the one in PQ, and frankly I never expected a true RPG style story), not to mention the companion characters - them I find (so far) quite annoying, Galactrix does seem like a solid title, not to mention it does deserve some brownie points for the space opera setting. We don't get that much of it these days
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