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March 11th, 2009, 07:39
I'm glad I came to this thread because it beat some sense into me. I am resigned to the fact that I cannot beat Miss Rat with my level 4-5 party. Fortunately, I am a voracious saver, so I was able to restore right before I went into her lair.

Now I understand why they had that other dwarf shadow you along the way, offering supplies and a quick route back. They really weren't kidding about the difficulty. Its a bit surprising actually, because you figure this is just one easy sidequest to take of before you tackle the "big stuff". While I did make it to the final battle, I often had trouble along the way with the large groups of Black Rats surrounding my guys. My armor, HP, and endurance simply ran out many times before I got fortunate enough to land the right sequence of lucky blows.

Now I think I'll check out the trading war at the docks and help out below the temple before I even attempt coming back here. Not to mention having plenty of *pronto healing* potions as well as special moves I can use to attack GROUPS of bad guys.

Oh, and now I see why the Endurance special talents are important too!
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