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March 11th, 2009, 19:19
Yeah I was able to defeat her with a level 4 party and spellweaver as main character after a couple of tries.

Couple of tips:

Make sure Amazon's and Dwarf's willpower is high, wounds hurt your stats a lot and you go down with 5 wounds, no matter what your hp is at. Make sure they both have very good armor too. Make sure their parry is high and they are using shields. Make sure either your main character or 3rd character has high Cure Wounds skill and plenty of bandages.

At first I made my main character stay back and sent in amazon, dwarf, charlatan and summoned animal. Had the amazon tank the big rat while the other guys picked off little rats 1 by 1. If any of the characters picked up a wound I would immediatly make my main character heal them, or use Cure Wounds if it was more then 1 wound. Be especially swift on the Amazon, since the big rat is the most likely to inflict them. I lost the Amazon couple of runs because the rat would suddenly spike several wounds on her over 2-3 rounds. If the summoned animal went down, I would re-summon with main character. Once all of the little rats are down I would concentrate on the big rat with everyone except for the main character, whom I would move back to the original position. Once the big rat summoned more guards, I would have dwarf and gladys peel off and engage them. The's a lot of "luck" involved here depending on how quickly your characters pick up wounds.

If you lose any of the characters and the rat isn't on its last legs, just restore a save and try from the beginning.

Oh yeah, I heard another tip recently: If you use 'Meek you Be' spell on one of the little rats, the big one won't be respawning any more of them.
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