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March 12th, 2009, 21:44
I also did it with level 6 team, after Moorbridge, so not an exploit but still tough. I got the feeling that the important points was mainly linked to:

For Forgrimm and Rhulanna:
  • Wisdom to 15 for Forgrimm and Rhulanna (lower a lot the wounds level)
  • Treat wound 13 and more than 20 heal item for Forgrimm and Rhulann (important for heal wounds or more heal than only from 2 spells healers, but clearly even more here would be better).
  • Defensive Combat 1 (both did all fight in this mode and never get out of endurance and even could use some Mighty Blow on wild rats but never on mother).

For Spellweaver PC and Gladys:
  • Wisdom to 6 (not enough points for more).
  • Balm of Healig maxed (With characters level 6 provide a good amount of heal and can heal wounds level 2).
  • Fatness of Body maxed (duration 300s and improves a lot resistance against attacks)

Against mother:
  • No special attacks, I wonder if I ever see one succeed.
  • When a fighter was wounded, immediate spell healing.
  • When a fighter was too much wounded, take care the other fighter attack mother and move out the wounded fighter so he didn't get attacked by mother and could heal him more safely.
  • When possible, Aimed shot from my spellweaver.
  • No spell spend on mother, keep mana for healing, curing poison, few summon, some Fandango Fireflies.

Against wild rats:
  • At beginning of the fight, before starting it, two casters cast Fatness of Body, that improve a lot their resistance against the wild rats. And I bet they died both during last summon of wild rats because I forget renew the effect or couldn't because of lack of mana.
  • For first pack, no summon and take care to be close to entrance to not attract mother yet.
  • When new pack come, stop attack mother but take care mother continue attack the right fighter.
  • When new pack come, two priority, destroy it asap and more important not have all of them attack only one character. For that when mother summon, take care to see at least two come from far and make each fighter attack one.
  • Take a lot of care to heal the two casters during a weave of wild rats and until it get fully destroyed.
  • Take care to have the two casters not close to mother so it didn't attack them when both fighters stop attack mother.

Despite characters level 6 and so many tactics at last weave of wild rats the two casters died and I had to end the fight with the two fighters against 2 wild rats and mother.

At some point one fighter was close to death then moving him out make mother attack the other and after few healing the low health level fighter (but no more wounded) could come help finish the fight.

My feeling is that using Gwendala would have been a better choice than Gladys.

Also I tried few time in previous attempts to use Meek you Be on wild rats but never make it work, perhaps I didn't tried enough.

And Lightning Find You seems quite useless against mother.

For last attempt I also make Gladys learn Pulmbumarm… but forgot use it!

Also one dwarf gives you the advice to use potions but I didn't tried that at all, sure it could help if you can make or buy some.
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