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March 14th, 2009, 02:46
Okay, went back after I finished the
quests with a level 6 party.

After 2 tries, I finally brought her down. I took much of the accumulated advice in this thread.

My tanks Rhulanna and Fogrimm had very high willpowers (12 and 15 respecitvely) and also imbibed Elixirs of Courage made by my Archer/Alchemist main char. Drainor wasn't nearly as sturdy, but provided an extra blade and helped keep the little rats away from my main guy. All three were placed into defensive fighting mode level 1. Their job was to fight small rat waves and then concentrate on the Mother rat once they went down.

My archer stood back untouched and concentrated exclusively on Mother Ratzinsy!

The key for winning was a devastating called shot from my Archer (who has 15 in bows) using the Marksman talent with one those killer arrows you get from the
in the Marsh. It must have taken off a TON of HP because the Mother Rat was only slightly over half in health, then suddenly she was gone! I was a bit surprised myself, but I'll take the win! I was so happy to be done with this thing I neglected to inspect the console to see the exact details of the hit.

As expected, Dranor went down but everyone else was left standing with NO WOUNDS!
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