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Default A little confused about ability trees. (Signs)

March 17th, 2009, 21:48
This might be a stupid question, but why are some of the abilities on different tiers the exact same? For instance, the Igni tree has "Igni Student" with the description "Attack from a distance" as a Tier 1 level up. Then it has "Igni Apprentice" as a Tier 2 level up with the exact same description. The "Igni Specialist" in Tier 3 again has the same description. I don't get it, is there supposed to be a cumulative bonus?

Now Aard on the other hand, shows a +25% bonus for Apprentice, +50% for specialist, +75% for Expert, etc.

Did the devs just not complete the descriptions for some of the level ups, or am I simply misinterpreting them?

Also, am I to assume that damage bonuses on different tiers are cumulative? For instance, the "Harms Way" talent in Tier 1 of Igni shows a +10% damage bonus. The "Harms Way II" in Tier 2 shows a +20% bonus. Does the latter simply take the place of the former, or do they equal a 30% bonus if you have both?
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