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March 18th, 2009, 05:18
I think part of the problem there is that many (most?) people don't understand 'opportunity cost'. If I quit a $100 000 a year job to become an indie game-developper, and then I find that after spending a year making a game, the game only raises enough revenue for me to pay my staff, cover my costs, and pay myself $40 000, then, assuming I intended to pay myself as much as my old job did, I should take the view that the game lost $60 000, not that it made $40 000.

As an aside, I think that just knowing what some terms or words, like 'opportunity cost' and 'verisimilitude' is makes one substantially smarter. Knowing the meanings of those prevents one from saying such patently stupid things as 'if you farm the mats yourself, it's free' or 'lol, it's Star Wars and you're talking about what's realistic!'.
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