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March 18th, 2009, 19:33
Originally Posted by buckaroobonzai View Post
That is a great question, would you work at minimum wage to do what you love? I would bet that these guys get paid more then minimum wage though. I don't think they are buying/licensing a new engine even every couple of years. And they are most certainly not licensing any expensiove graphics programs/assets.
Would I? Well, obviously, I would, since I make far less than minimum wage doing what I do as a part-time gig. But I certainly wouldn't aspire to do no better for the rest of my career. And I wouldn't expect to be able to hire high-caliber full-time employees at minimum wage. Or at least not expect them to stick around year after year.

Also, remember that for full-time employees, there's insurance. Plus additional taxes that are probably paid by your employer. You know how much gets deducted from your paycheck each time to pay the government? Expect that your employer probably pays an equal amount in taxes for you. that ISN'T deducted from your salary.

Ideally, the salaries of the full-time employees are offset by some kind of profit-sharing, bonuses, or royalties. These wouldn't be part of the games' budget, but rather taken out as "overhead" from the profitability of all titles combined (including the ones that take a looooong time to break even…)

I believe he contracts out for artwork (thus he reuses all he can). That stuff gets WAY expensive pretty fast. Artists typically won't work for minimum wage, either - especially not on contract. If you outsource overseas, you can sometimes get a better price, though. Still - for something like this, with custom content, you could expect to spend thousands of dollars (if not tens of thousands) on art, sound, and music.

So yeah - I think the budget for GF4 sounds extremely modest.
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