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March 20th, 2009, 16:47
Ten ītil Noon
One of the legion of mediocre Tarantino clones. 10 minutes are shown through the eyes of different people, starting with a guy who gets shot by a pro. The audience learns more and more about the story behind this.
Starts very interesting and then it runs out of steam. The conclusion is unconvincing. It looks like the script editing stopped in the middle and they decided to shoot what they have. It's still reasonably entertaining though. C-.

Flickering Lights
Another weird Danish gangster movie.
Four small gangsters decide to retire with a case full of the boss's money. They open a restaurant in the middle of nowhere.
A wonderful movie. It's less chaotic than the other Danish films, has far less action and still great dialogs. It's always surprising and even sometimes poetic.

Angel of the Night
Danish vampire horror. Quite okay. As good or bad as all the other mediocre vampire movies. C-.

You Kill Me
A melancholic gangster comedy by John Dahl, starring Ben Kingsley. A killer who works for the Polish mafia is burned out. He is sent to alcoholics anonymous to get rid of his problem.
This is a calm, carefully made movie full of funny situations and great, polished dialogs. Kingsley is great - and his killer is quite the opposite of his Oscar nominated annoying, loud gangster in Sexy Beast (great movie, highly recommended!). The supporting cast lists a lot of well known non-mainstream actors like Bill Pullman, Tea Leonie, Luke Wilson, Philip Baker Hall and Dennis Farina.
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