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March 23rd, 2009, 18:32
I'm with Dusk. Fast-travel is good.

Replaying the game I do find that there are a few time-sinks that bug me.

- Introduce more fast-travel options.
- Reduce the number of containers with mediocre loot. They reminded me of the NWN1 OC.
- Unlimited inventory for non-weapons (to cut down on time spent backtracking to stores).
- Reduce the frequency of fights against very weak enemies (killing drowners in chapter V doesnt add all that much to gameplay), either through some sort of level scaling or by making monsters of much lower level than Geralt passive.
- Provide (slightly) better descriptions of what the various effects do, either in the manual or in-game. Giving D&D style numbercrunching data would be too much and detrimental to the atmosphere of the game, but a one-sentence qualitative explanation of what "pain" and similar such effects actually do would be nice.
- Give some warning when approaching points of no return. As the game does this at times I suspect the "missed" times simply are oversights. The end of chapter one comes to mind.

Originally Posted by DeepO View Post
Personally, IŽd like to see more "verticality".
Agree, it is very annoying when cutscenes show a behaviour that the game engine doesnt allow you to come anywhere near. This is mainly a fault of the engine, but I dont see why CDPR couldnt have put in an animation to climb over low fences and the like (see Arcanum for an illustration). Having to trek around a fence in the fields in chapter 4 is an annoyance, if a minor one.
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