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March 24th, 2009, 13:20
Originally Posted by Zaleukos View Post
I'm with Dusk. Fast-travel is good.

Replaying the game I do find that there are a few time-sinks that bug me.

- Introduce more fast-travel options.

- Reduce the frequency of fights against very weak enemies (killing drowners in chapter V doesnt add all that much to gameplay), either through some sort of level scaling or by making monsters of much lower level than Geralt passive.

- Give some warning when approaching points of no return. As the game does this at times I suspect the "missed" times simply are oversights. The end of chapter one comes to mind.

Agree, it is very annoying when cutscenes show a behaviour that the game engine doesnt allow you to come anywhere near. This is mainly a fault of the engine, but I dont see why CDPR couldnt have put in an animation to climb over low fences and the like (see Arcanum for an illustration). Having to trek around a fence in the fields in chapter 4 is an annoyance, if a minor one.

I'm not sure I get the fast travel options complaint? The maps (levels) are not that large, and you are usually confined to only one at a time. To me having some teleport gateway or whatever it is you have in mind on such a small map, in every map, would just look silly and break immersion. What exactly did you have in mind?

Your complaint about too many drowners to kill is definitely on target, but believe it or not you can easily fix this by purchasing a drowner repelling talisman in-game.

As for the last point, that is just too much hand-holding and cuts down on replay factor tremendously, but that's just my opinion.

Everything else you mentioned I completely agree with!
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