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April 11th, 2009, 16:21
Originally Posted by Acleacius View Post
Hey the first Druids I found, were outside Montera.
When you first cross the bridge from Cape Dun on the way to Montera, an Orc Mercenary at that Trading post, says you will be attacked by Bandits if you take the north road and you should take the west road.
Take the long path which is the west road, at the T intersection go right and they are on the left side about half way to the next T intersection, which you would go right on to get to Montera.
If you try to continue passed the Druid base to Montera there are several Boars on the road you will have to pull one at a time or run past.
Hi, i passed the camp and i helped the Rangers(Druids), to recover an old druid stone from some patrolling orcs. But then,(it was very funny, i found a bug, that maked Porgan stand in the wall of his cave! Then i put the God cheat on, and i started to attack him. Other bug in the game, im sure u know it: the Rangers didn't attacked me. Well, Porgan would be afraid(of course, he gone out of his cave, up to the near hill, (behind the small fence). Then, i beaten him…Few mins later he stands up,try to go "home". What he did? Go to the top of the hill, then jump down to Arakos' head! then, of course he could go back to "learn the druid magic". hope u liked it
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