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April 12th, 2009, 21:07

This mod will fix some errors in localization and gameplay. And it will also fix
those aspects of the game I didn't find quite balanced.

Main Features:
+ Localization fixes (translation)
+ Special abilities fixed (according to desc.) and xp costs adjusted to follow the prices.
+ New equipments
+ Alterations to existing items (to add more variation)
+ Faster but harder treat wounds and -poisons
+ Little bit harder gameplay
+ Better dodge and crossbow bolts
+ Special Dark -beer restores decent amount of ED now (5 -> 15).
+ Specialized mages
+ Much darker dungeons
+ Tougher fights
+ Faster gameplay (faster running speed for everyone!)
+ Better summoned minions
…And lot of other things, see the changelog.

Just execute "Install.bat" anywhere and start new game.

If install_ergo's_fixpack.bat cannot locate your game folder try replacing these lines:
if not exist %pfad%\static.db4 FOR /F "tokens=2* " %%A IN ('REG QUERY "HKCU\Software\DTP\Drakensang" /v target_folder') DO SET dsroot=%%B\export
FOR /F "tokens=2* " %%A IN ('REG QUERY "HKCU\Software\DTP\Drakensang" /v version') DO SET version=%%B
with these:
SET dsroot=c:\my_example_directory\drakensang\export
SET version=1.03
Execute "Uninstall.bat"

Witch Hat and Witch Robe.

All the new items.

v1.80 Final
- New icons for my items by Zalpha
- Added The Witch Hat (*5)
- Fixed some issues with install.bat
- Changed hit zones to follow P&P rules (*11)

- Few more localization fixes
- Lowered starting weapon talent values
- Tuned character advantages
* Thief "Perception Bonus" (overlapping with Danger Sense) changed to Streetwise bonus
* Added "Two-handed Swords Bonus" to Soldier, was having no bonus
* Added "Vitality Penalty" to Alchemist
* Added "Perception Penalty" and "Dwarfnose Penalty" to Mercenary
* Added "Artisan Talents Penalty" to Warrior
* And fixed character descriptions to follow the advantages
- Increased Battlemage talent value in Staves by +2
- Fixed some modding script bugs

- Updated the installer batch for both languages
- Added option to installer for setting path for Drakensang folder manually

- Removed Higher maximum values for attributes (buggy)
- Fixed Light of Praios -scimitar having wrong animation for REAL
- Minor localization fixes

v1.72 (hotfix)
- Fixed Light of Praios -scimitar having wrong animation
- Removed extra lines from localization changes.
- Added french translation (by Numberouane)

- Higher maximum values for attributes, including PCs (+1)
- Heavy Iryan Leather Greaves matching to Iryan Armor (by Damar Stiehl)
- Fixed loot table (by Qendivardo) from german patch.
- Summons balanced! (*10)
- Added new game icon for shortcut
- Script cleaning and minor bug fixes

v1.62 (hotfix)
- Fix: Some static monsters/npcs got easier instead of getting tougher.
- Faster +25% running speed for everyone (including npcs and monsters)

- Miscellaneous bug fixes
- Pick Lock items talent bonuses changed *3)
- Monsters: +25% vitality (ex. 400 -> 500)
- NPCs: +25% to attack value (AT)
- NPCS: +20% to parry and dodge values (PA/DV)
- NPCS: +10% to magic resistance (MR)
- Level cap increased to 25
- More experience points, +15%
- Witch trees will have additional parry per round

- Much darker dungeons
- Advantages and disadvantages of fullmages totally changed *9)
- Same for party member mages too (Jost and Gwendala)
- Lower starting values for magic talents. Still same as before if specialized.
- Bandage and Golmoon Tea are now 2.5x more expensive.
- Weapon balsam charges increased to 50
- Whetstone DP increased to +2
- Minor bugfixing and sql script cleaning

- Lot of localization fixes related to special ability descriptions
- Major changes to special abilities' XP costs *7)
- Offensive- and Defensive Combat abilities bonuses lowered (+1,+2 and +4).
- Master Parry texts fixed and ED cost reduced to 10 (from 15)
- Master Throw will have proper learn price, different requirements and will also cause a wound
- Power Throw will now stun and ignore armor. *8) Was just weaker version of Master Throw.
- Miscellaneous small fixes related to Special abilities
- Changed monsters' Sweep Attacks to be dodged only (no parry)
- Added PA(and DV) penalty to some monster special attacks
- Removed XP gain penalty, due the new balance changes and feedback from users

v1.31 (hotfix)
- Fixed items not showing in stores
- Removed test script

- XP gain fine tune to -20%
- Special Dark -beer now restores 15 ED instead of 5.
- Klarum Purum and Balm of Healing -spells have casting time according to P&P rules
- Changed party member attributes to -1 to follow better P&P archetypes
- Leather Arm Greaves #1 has now new graphics and 0.2 encumbrance
- Leather Arm Greaves #2 has new name "Elven Arm Greaves" with a bit higher price
- Added LOT(!) of new items *5). All with unique icons (and some even with unused model)
- All types of bolts have been improved *6)

- More localization fixes
- Changed all healing and pick locks talent items *3)
- Total XP gain lowered even more to -25%
- All party members will have 2 points lower attributes
- Changed new visuals, +1 to HP and new description to Cultist's Dagger
- Added a new dagger to shop in Ferdok *4)

- Fixed Hair Pin text from previous version
- Fixed crash related to regeneration bonus
- Changed the crafted iron shield according to non-crafted iron shield
- More localization fixes
- Total Xp gain lowered by -15%, thus making the game much harder(!) in every aspect
- Decreased the vitality and the astral energy regeneration during combat even more
- Added +3 DV to every player character to boost up the dodge
- Added small +DV bonus to few existing items
- Added Pendant of Phex (*2) in loot during the main quest
- Chance to find Bandages or Golmoon Teas from loot decreased to 20% of what it was
- Healing Salve bonus to Treat Wounds set +2 (was +4)
- All main quest weapons are now wieldable by all party members too

- Most shields receive additional -1 AT, thus making the game a bit harder
- Total conversion with shields, all 12 are now different (*1)
- Vitality and astral energy regenerate 50% slower
- As slow regeneration in combat as monsters have
- Archetype +/-regen factor changed to only affect when in combat
- Bandage bonus to Treat Wounds set 0 (was +1)
- Whirlweed bonus to Treat Poisons set to 0 (was +1)
- Golmoon Leaf bonus to Treat Wounds set to 0 (was +1)
- Golmoon Tea bonus to Treat Poisons set to +1 (was +3)
- Hair Pin bonus to Pick Locks set to 0 (without pin, penalty is -10)
- Wounds are harder to resist, the penalty increased from -10 to -12 (-10% to chance).
- Skinning and herb gather is now MUCH faster, 1 round instead of 4
- All main quest armor pieces are wearable by all party members
- Small localization fixes (ex. 1W+4 -> 1D+4)

*1) List of the shields:

*2) Pendant of Phex:

*3) Talent bonuses from items:

*4) Dagger of the Night: 1D+3 (1/0)

*5) New Items

*6) Improved Crossbow Bolts

*7) Special Ability costs

*8) New Power Throw

*9) Specialist Mages

*10) Balanced Summons

*11) P&P Hit Zones

Old values are in the brackets. Basically limbs are now more vulnerable, but head and belly are not getting hits so easily.

Download: http://www.2shared.com/file/ovYBXEgS…pack_v180.html or http://games.softpedia.com/get/Patch…Fix-Pack.shtml
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