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April 15th, 2009, 10:26
I am aware how much of an effect the portals have. And I can't help the impression they are shamelessly abusing their power, to the disadvantage of indie devs.
Please ask your friend how his/her numbers have changed since Amazon entered the business in February. The numbers from ca. a dozen indies I've seen - Jeff linked to a couple of articles, the rest can easily be found - mostly indicate that they earn less since then. Meaning the price cut does not lead to a big enough sales increase to compensate for the loss.
I agree with you there Gorath. But if you are an unknown indie, you're going to have to work real hard if you try to sell it by your own marketing only. One idea is to put the first game up cheap on portals, and build a fanbase, said fanbase would if they loved your game visit your website and buy the sequal directly from it.

I personally think this might be the best route for new developers.
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