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April 15th, 2009, 19:58
Dude Ergo, you were really cool guy helping me out even when you didn't need to. But you have to realize that profane attacks on this site are not allowed. Well thought out attacks including profanity yes, as long as it highly justified and not overused. Saying Fuck you to some …NO….saying Bullshit to an idea…yes….See the difference. There is a little leaway if the person being attacked is a troll and will not listen at all to many posts or give any kind of contructive feedback. I'm not a mod, but this is the general feeling I get overhere. Everyone is human and some of us have a breaking point, but dude you didn't even come close to it. You just lashed out.

Alrik is a good guy and to go off on him like that was a bit extreme. He was just giving his point of view afterall.

You even removed the link on the DTP site? Why? I don't think many of us even go there. I hadn't noticed anyone else over there yet, maybe they just lurk, but anyways your taking it away from DTP too? Man you must be a little tired or something and one last thing dude, don't be like that guy who takes his ball and goes home if something doesn't go his way. My 1st graders do that. I think you're a bit more emotionally stable than a first grader.

Well whatever. I still have it and I'll rapidshare it in the morning. For anyone still interested in a great mod.
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