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April 16th, 2009, 01:03
I think that one of the strengths of DII was the wide variety of builds in EACH class. Because of this variety of builds, pieces of gear tended to be useful to multiple classes depending on what sort of builds the classes were using. For this reason, it would be limiting to have classes that had particularly distinctive gear; those classes might have to be locked-in to that kind of gear, and/or other classes wouldn't be able to use it. And that would be lame.

I think a samurai class, for example, would just be weird unless it had the distinctive armor and weapons that come to mind when we think of samurai. But that's problematic because it would limit the range of builds for such a class, since they'd be stuck wearing that samurai armor instead of able to use the wider range of equipment available to all classes. OF COURSE, you could say shut up, Yeesh, the samurai won't have to use any specific armor or weapons, to which I'd reply, well if he's not running around in that distinctive armor and wielding those distinctive weapons, what exactly makes this character feel like a samurai?

Although I guess one of those cool flags sticking out out of your back all the time might get you halfway there…

NOTE: Yes, the expansion to DII did introduce distinctive item types, one for each class, e.g. assassin claws, but that was only one piece of equipment. I just can't imagine a samurai running around in gothic armor, even if he is wielding a no-dachi…
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