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April 16th, 2009, 01:19
I'll refuse to buy games from indies who use payment services I've never heard of, or ones I've heard of but have reservations over (like paypal). However much I may want a game, I'll pass it up if I'm not completely certain the pay system is legit.

That sense of trust is one significant advantage for the big-name portals.
I have been contemplating the following question:

How can Amazon, popular though it surely is, provide a sales bump to Spiderweb games? To be more pointed, How could there be anyone in the whole Interwebs who actually might pay money for a Spiderweb game, but doesn't already know about them? Amazon isn't Walmart; it's for people who use the frigging internet. So how do they not just download the game from Spiderweb?

So maybe this is one answer. But it's not a great answer. I mean, it seems like a stretch that someone would go through all the trouble of developing an indy RPG series and establishing credibility on all fronts, just to steal your credit card info. AND if you see a charge on your credit card you didn't put there, Visa or Mastercard will just take it off. But then it's true, you can't be too careful these days.
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