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April 16th, 2009, 10:30
This is the sort of problem you'll always run into when going the relatively strict class/archetype route.

Blizzard obviously prefer this approach, and there are many distinct advantages - among them balance and a strong established "feel" that players can relate to easily. It's most likely a very wise approach when targeting primarily casual gamers, which I personally consider Blizzard's core audience.

A Samurai class would probably fit well into this, because Bliz tend to introduce multiple class specific items - and depending on how strict they want to adhere to "lore", they could be as flexible with armor and appearance as they would wish. Of course, there will be a point where flexibility would interfere too much with a given class feel, but you can get around that by making up your own lore and in this case, your own kind of Samurai.

The Barbarian, for instance, is not typically associated with heavy armor in traditional fantasy - as in we all picture Conan when we think about this class. But that hasn't stopped them from ignoring this with Diablo 2, so I don't really see a big issue.

One way to solve this, would be to introduce class specific armor that would support a "Samurai" build for those who want to roleplay a traditional Samurai. Others could go their own way and use whatever items they prefer for their build.




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