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April 16th, 2009, 17:07
Originally Posted by RampantCoyote View Post
I've heard from many indie developers who now have their games on Amazon at half their previous price. In general, the increase in sales didn't even come close to doubling. They lost money in that experiment, and it's hurting them.

I don't know about Jeff's old rule-of-thumb: "Charge half as much as the comparable product being sold in boxes on store shelves." The difference in production values between an indie game and a "comparable" product can be pretty extreme. But still - it seems to work okay for him.
All depends on the utility that the market places on production values, Jeff's costs by basically totally forgoing production values may only be 5% of the costs of a comparable mainstream release, but if consumers only consider production values to be 50% of the total enjoyment of a mainstream release then he's pitching it well.

Actually thinking about it I probably place more than 50% utility on production values myself and I'm a loyal spiderweb customer, but the other aspects are so much better. Or to put it another way, if there was ever a release with Fallout quality graphics and Spiderweb quality plot lines & gameplay I'd happily pay far more than standard releases.
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