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April 16th, 2009, 17:20
Originally Posted by RampantCoyote View Post
Getting onto a portal *can* make a huge difference for certain kinds of games.
Only certain types of games I'd imagine, I can't see indie games which are indie because they target a niche too obscure for the mainstream publishers to have cornered it doing well out of it, I agree with Jeff. Especially with the internet being what it is these days, the kind of demographic Jeff is aiming for will almost entirely be on the net and using one or more forums, information is disseminated so differently now.

Plus he's being going long enough that he must have such a high proportion of ongoing sales from existing customers so the sales increases would be smaller for him and make any price drop harder to swallow.

I would have thought that releasing some kind of teaser pack of older releases (e.g. avernum 1 & geneforge 1) through portals would do well even at prices so low it's basically giving them away. Direct sales for those must be pretty limited now so the price drop wouldn't have any real impact and it'd stand a good chance of luring in new customers who'd want to work their way through later releases at full price.

As far as breaking your content out into chunks: Good in theory, and it's definitely being tried with some success (see Penny Arcade Adventures, Sam & Max, etc.). But it's had its failures, too.
I've been enjoying Penny Arcade but would much prefer it had they done it all at once.
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