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April 17th, 2009, 07:55
Originally Posted by Dez View Post
What a weird sentence

But yeah..benthesa games are fun to play, yet they could be so much better. Those fellas have the skills and resources to take their games to an other level.. For some reason they don't want to.
That's basically my point.

However, I don't think they have the skills. The resources, definitely, but not the skills.

Not that I think it takes THAT much skill. They simply need to understand game design and they need a writer who wants to take his work seriously and perhaps be aware that gamers aren't all immature teenagers lusting for the most weird or violent dialogue they can find.

I mean what I said - they shouldn't obsess about impressing the player. Bethesda's approach reminds me of 95% of modern writers for TV shows. The first 5-10 minutes represent a scramble to make an impression to keep the viewer (or those greenlighting the series) interested. 5-10 minutes in game terms would probably constitute the first few hours - which is the tutorial and a chunk of the beginning.

The problem is that you can NEVER keep that pace - and you very quickly find yourself in the most ridiculous and implausible situations because you wanted to impress people so much, so soon.
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