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April 17th, 2009, 18:48
Originally Posted by Yeesh View Post
I disagree. Last point first, I'm not sure how you define "casual", but I don't think there's a less apt word for Blizzard's core audience. World of Warcraft? Diablo II? Starcraft? Warcraft III? There are more people who've put in a thousand (1000) hours or more to any ONE of those games than there are people who've put 1000 hours into all of our beloved CRPG classics COMBINED. I don't have empirical data here, but do you honestly think that's incorrect? I mean, frigging WoW? In how many games can people can play 10-15 hours a week for 2 or 3 years and still be called "casual" by the hardcore players? I think if you're going to call Blizzard games casual, you'll need to provide some examples of what games are hard-core.
Not sure I'm quite getting what you are saying here but are you trying to say that the games are hardcore because some crazy people put more time into it than is healthy for both their physical as well as mental condition? How does that make the games themselves hardcore? The games and their very simple mechanics and the general casual appeal do objectively remain the same, no matter how many hours some individual "people" put into it, no?

There will always be people who become hardcore addicts of some games. I remember a guy at the German Gothic forums who was sharing his experiences from his 27th (IIRC) playthrough or something like that. That doesn't really turn the game into a hardcore game though.
With Blizzard I think it's just the addictive nature (hunt for better equipment or rank or reputation or honor or whatever) of the games that lets people get all hardcore about them. I know a guy in RL who wouldn't touch any "real" hardcore games (you know, the ones with a steeper learning curve that take a bit of dedication and time to learn how to play well) with a ten foot pole since he's got an extremely short attention span but he's (been) playing Diablo 2, Warcraft 3 and now WoW like a nutter (we're talking about a guy here who pulled off 72+ hour raids with no sleep!).

IMHO, Blizzard games are among the most casual games that money can buy. Right in line with Nancy Drew and The Sims. They appeal pretty much to anyone and everyone. Just because some people play them excessively doesn't make them hardcore games.
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