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April 18th, 2009, 16:49
Originally Posted by Roi Danton View Post
I'll buy it, even with those annoying drm restriction 'cause I'll complete the game once, maybe twice if it's really good and then just don't care anymore.
+ 1

I don't really care about the restrictions either. Besides if we assume that "over 15 hours" of new content is the usual marketing blurb then it should be rather safe to assume that we are in reality looking at 10 hours max with this mini add-on, probably even less. I'll play through it once, then maybe a second time in a couple years and that's it. The vast majority of people will never even use up their three installs.
And I'm pretty sure that they will either release a revoke tool or a patch to loosen the restrictions at some point in the hopefully (hopefully = for you guys who upgrade your systems all the time and replay the game over and over) not too distant future.
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