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April 20th, 2009, 15:42
Two more reviews for Infinite Interactive's Puzzle Quest sequel, Galactrix have been posted, both favorable.
GameOver gives the game a score of 80% with some reservations about the LeapGates:
One of the main gripes I have with Puzzle Quest: Galactrix are the LeapGates. The galaxy is linked by LeapGates. Ships use them to travel from one system to another. As the story begins, all of the LeapGates are offline. You have to hack the LeapGates in order to travel. Here’s the thing: There are dozens of systems in the galaxy, often with two or more LeapGates each, so you’ll end up hacking upwards of a hundred LeapGates during the course of the campaign and there isn’t much variety in the LeapGate hacking mini-game (unlike say combat, where encounters offer more variables), not to mention success at higher difficulty levels are entirely dependent on the quality of the starting board. It doesn’t take long before the LeapGates become a huge nuisance, just as the wandering monsters did in Challenge of the Warlords.
The review at GamesFocus is for the XBox version of the game and is scored 8.2/10:
The role playing side of things is well done but technically only to a point if you are a role playing nut. The story is cliché but well written, the ability to customize your ships is only basic and the quests are generally just the most basic RPG flair of “go there and do that”. But this is a casual title and if the RPG shortcomings are of concern to you, once you realize that the casual side of things is not necessarily a bad thing, the game becomes more enjoyable….Once you beat the game there is very little need to replay it, but I would say if you enjoy playing the game, the very low price point and plenty of hours of gaming in this package make the games value high.
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