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April 20th, 2009, 15:42
The role playing side of things is well done but technically only to a point if you are a role playing nut. The story is cliché but well written, the ability to customize your ships is only basic and the quests are generally just the most basic RPG flair of “go there and do that”.
You know what? I'm starting to feel like a reviewer saying 'the story of this game is cliché' is cliché in itself. WHO CARES??? If the story is good, even if it's "cliché" it's good. 99% of the stories in every TV show or movie being released is "cliché" yet millions of people watch them and love them. Tell me if the story is good or bad, I don't care if it's similar to something done before that I may or may not have played. (Nothing with this review in particular, just overall)
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