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April 21st, 2009, 03:18
BOOOYAAAA BABY Best freaking news I've heard all morning. Thanks magerette you are a news goddess.

Gorath is totally right, the first thing I thought of when they said it would be released so soon is that they've been working on this for awhile. Only way I can see them finishing so fast.

So now we can have the best of both worlds, third person and first person. If you want more action in your life play the first person Fallout 3, more depth play the third person Fallout 3 It's a win win situation in my opinion.

Edit: Nevermind about the first person and third person point of view. I just read that this one will be based on the same engine, so more than likely still FP point of view. Well at least it still is being developed by Obsidian and not Beth.

That just doesn't make sense though. Why have two companies making the same game just in different locations. Why not change the gameplay as well. Not a total reworking, but tweaking the perks and definatly changing the POV. What happens if Obsidian really hits a homerun with their game and makes Beth's Fallout 3 look like it was made by a two year old?

Ehhh whatever, I'm still jazzed that Obsidian is making a Fallout game. First Person/Third Person it's all the same to me as long as the plot and depth of this game is ten times better than Beth's
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