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April 21st, 2009, 14:14
New version out, v1.62. Download here.

Main Features:
+ Localization fixes (translation)
+ Special abilities fixed (according to desc.) and xp costs adjusted to follow the prices.
+ New equipments
+ Alterations to existing items (to add more variation)
+ Faster but harder treat wounds and -poisons
+ Little bit harder gameplay
+ Better dodge and crossbow bolts
+ Better Special Dark -beer, yummy!
+ Specialized mages
+ Much darker dungeons
+ Tougher fights!
+ Faster XP gain
+ Faster gameplay (faster running speed for everyone!)
…And lot of other things, see the changelog. (readme.txt)

PS. If you have problem with the name of the mod, as some people seem to have, get familiar with "RENAME" in Windows Command Prompt.
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