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April 23rd, 2009, 03:37
Originally Posted by ToddMcF2002 View Post
1. Hand craft a world.
2. Never, ever respawn anything.
3. Never, ever scale monsters to the players level.
4. Never, ever scale items to the players level.
5. Dump the first person perspective because melee sux.
That is an excellent list… especially number 1!!! Here's what I'll add:

6. Make a PC interface for the PC. One more time for good measure: Make a PC inteface for the PC. Did I mention make a PC interface for the PC?

7. Let me add my own notes to the map and quest journal.

8. More VAIRETY of INTERESTING loot… primarily with weapons and armor but other loot (aka non-combat loot) can be made more interesting. I'm not sure how to be more specific here… but looting in Oblivion is yawn-inspiring.

9. A more interactive game world. Traps such as rolling logs or spiked balls falling from the ceiling was a good start, but with advances in physics in games since Oblivion came out should offer more environment interaction… interactions that don't necessarily have anything to do with combat…

10. Tooltips for icons. It's the only dumbing-down of CRPGs I really want. Please give me tooltips.

11. Give the ability to micro-manage my spell book. For example, let me erase spells from my spellbook that I no longer want to use.

12. A better inventory management system… especially for the PC since TES V will provide a PC specific interface! Need more categories and groupings so that by the middle of the game I'm not spending chunks of time scroooooollling through a huge list of keys and documents…
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