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April 23rd, 2009, 05:17
Yeah…I guess. My list would be pretty different but I'm not much of an Elder Scrolls fan, so perhaps my opinion doesn't count.

- Handcrafted world - for sure. They won't make it smaller to improve the density, so they need to at least include half a dozen really good dungeons. Oblivion was a step up from Morrowind but even the handful of decent dungeons weren't that great and still looked like all the others. They need half a dozen quest-driven, hand-crafted and unique ones.

- Ditch the entire current system mechanics and move to a traditional XP-and-level system. The current throw-a-fireball-at-a-rock-until-it-improves system is broken and makes their level-scaling woes even worse.

-Branching quests. Enough said.

Eh, that will do. All of the above, as well.
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