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April 23rd, 2009, 17:56
This was a pretty good list and about what I would expect from a casual gamer. When he’s not being overly clever, Matt Peckham makes a good point.

IMO, the fifth TES game should be a remake of Daggerfall. It would be a shame if it were never attempted, and now seems a good time. Having said that, here’s my own list of a few dos and don’ts:

Switch gears with the approach to game balance. Make TES V complex and sophisticated. For example, replace the general reputation system with a faction-specific one. Emphasize lore and mystery. Design a world with incessant, seemingly unrestricted legacy.

Limit level-scaling to random encounters, like bandits you might meet along the road. And mix it up for the sake of variety. Design it to add value, not detract value.

Bring the modding effort in-house. Develop the game in a way where modifications would make better sense and could be applied with discretion and intrigue during each and every play-through.

Utilize voice acting sparingly (Peckham’s best point, IMO). Sacrifice that bit of simulation in order to take advantage of the greater flexibility of text-based communications.

Implement a cool clever method of fast travel, one as dangerous as it is convenient that would be an adventure in and of itself.
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