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April 23rd, 2009, 19:57
I'm generally against elements like that. I don't like in-character and out-of-character elements to mix, at least whenever they can be avoided. And it bugs me that Jay (per his interview w/ Dhruin) or any developer sees saving/loading as a battle against the gamer. I think save/load is something totally separate from the game and shouldn't be considered part of the balancing. It's up to the player whether he/she want's to be a wimp and quickload on every setback or be a trooper and push through. If you abuse it, it's cheating every bit as much as using a cheat code or a trainer.

That said, I think the drama stars idea is a far better one than any other save limitation I've seen such as save points, limited saves, permadeath, etc. So while I prefer no save limitations at all, I think this is the next best thing in it's attempt to give you rewards in-line w/ the "reward" of loading after a setback. And while I don't like the IC/OOC mixing, I have to admit the drama stars sound like a fun gameplay element, albeit one that's bad for my immersion.

It would be nice if a "save and quit" option were available to save your stars when you really are quitting out of the game (for overnight, going to work, etc.) though, whereas normal save/quicksave do not.
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