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April 24th, 2009, 20:27
For a TES game, I don't think they should drop the fundamental ideas that distinguish the games from other series out there, so keep the use-based system and FP view.

One of the things they really should do is something like Dunegon Siege 2's char system. I disliked the game overall but the combination of talent tree with the use-to-increase thing circumvented my main gripe with TES leveling, that it is boring and I have nothing to look forward to or plan. DS also changed the use-to-increase leveling so that your next level in any skill was slightly more costly than the previous skill leveled. So if you leveled Sword to 15 and Combat magic to 3, you could choose to level Sword to 16 or Combat magic to 4 and it would be as time consuming. It seemed better balanced, although I don't think I'd go completely in that direction since it discouraged anything but single-focus builds.

For combat, I'd look to Mount and Blade. I play M&B in first person, as it's my favorite view, and I love it. The directional attack/block idea is great fun.

A return to the focus on Lore and setting seen in MW is also a good one.
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