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April 26th, 2009, 13:40
Originally Posted by ToddMcF2002 View Post
I'll look further into the Alchemy. Its not that strait forward.
Originally Posted by Polyester View Post
I especially liked the alchemy - it really is deeper that it seems at first. There's a ton of options like what base to use and what ingredients since there was a whole lot of difference b/n a potion with and without them. Well, on some of the potions for sure. The only things that's a bit irksome in the alchemy part is that you can't discover new recipies by trial and error.
Alchemy is interesting once you are accustomed to but it's counter intuitive at first as some people here have already mentioned, I guess, though.

Originally Posted by ToddMcF2002 View Post
Oh and the combat with signs is very cool afterall. Best sequence yet was using Aard against some assassins that came out of gutter. Loved it. Especially when Geralt cuts the throat of one in a finishing move with a huge spray of gore.
Aard is good but personally, I found signs outside of Aard and Igni are quite useless. I must say that signs are not well-balanced. Speaking of the balance of the development system, I think ability scores are more privileged than skills although they cost the same amount of points.

Originally Posted by Polyester View Post
What really bugged me in my first playthrough were the invisible walls around some of the areas that stopped me from going from point A to point B withough trekking trough the map twice (I am especially eyeing the swamp area in the 2nd chapter).
I took it that Gearalt cannot swim that he cannot get in the places where water is too deep for him. Also, I think it must be related with the restriction of Aurora Engine. I had been also frustrated at first but, once accustomed to, I found it rather interesting restriction for combat play in the swamp area.

Some minor things frustrate me in the Witcher although the content in whole is definitely worth playing, IMO. That said, I wish CDProject Red good luck with the console version since, generally speaking, average gamers must be less impatient than their PC counterparts are.
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