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April 27th, 2009, 01:49
Originally Posted by bkrueger View Post
But take Indigo Prophecy as an example: Those times, where you had to press some keys in a certain order to progress the game were very annoying and immersion breaking for me, but i might have swallowed them.
Yep. The gameplay is very annoying and quite challenging even on easy unless you have a console controller plugged in and also some actual experience with the damn thing. Or if you're using a keyboard then it helps to be a pro piano player or something . I still don't know how I managed to put up with all the crap but the story was just too good to quit as far as I can remember. Fahrenheit was an awesome overall experience despite the crappy gameplay.

But when I got to a scene, where you were in an appartment and looked around and after some time the police came in and you lost the game if you didn't do several things (coverup of some evidence against you) fast enough before , I simply stopped playing. My only save game was after having already having lost to much time, so I couldn't get on without restarting the game, which I had no reason to do.

This was in fact one single mechanic which was reason enough not to play the game.
Well, you gave up very early then. The scene you are talking about must be chapter 3 (out of 44 total chapters… I just checked a walkthrough). From what I can remember that scene must've been less than two hours into the game.
I also doubt your "would have had to restart the game" bit. The game auto/checkpoint-saved at the beginning and at the end of every scene and sometimes in between on longer sequences. I don't see why you couldn't have just started over the scene from the beginning. As far as I can remember there was (unfortunately) no manual save feature and even if there was I still don't know how you could have possibly overwritten or voided the autosave at the beginning of that scene.
Honestly, I believe you either made that up or your memory has failed you.
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