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April 29th, 2009, 18:47
Thieves sometimes get some more options, also if you have some social skills it could end different, but I think most quests are linear.

You have two paths to choose. Or let's say 2x2. In the beginning you can decide between The Church of Lathander or the Ebon Claws, that's no spoiler so far.


After some quests both storylines reunite again and the story follows a single path 'til near to the endgame. There again you have two options to choose from. These decision has impact on the end sequence.

The cool thing imho is, both ways are totally consistent. There are no open ends. But when you play the other way round you get some different insights, and that's the best thing about MoW.

As I have to say, the good way is much more satiesfying in terms of story, but the bad end is just so cool you really shouldn't miss it.
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