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April 30th, 2009, 08:38
@Avantenor Thank you for your detailed and yet thoughtful reply. It's very helpful.

As for skill check and companions, I've found an official answer at Bioware NWN2 forum.
Whats the skill usage like in MoW?
As an aside, pretty much all the skill checks are rolled like in P&P. In other words, we don't utilize a check that just looks at the skill rank and passes or fails based on that alone. Because a random d20 is generated, it is possible to both fail checks you shouldn't and pass checks you shouldn't.

A few cases are different. Some require you have at least one rank in a skill to pass, so for example if the DC is 18, you can't just pass by lucking into a roll of 19. A few other checks have other restrictions, which I won't divulge for now, and this is one.
Sticky: MoW Community Update: Companions
Is it possible to betray companions? Can they leave and /or betray the PC?

Yes to both.

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different companions
As you can see the sticky post above and Gamebanshee's review, there are only limited number of companions. It seems MoW may surpass other modules in some places while it is still a module in some other places.

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Thanks to all for the nice comments - also thanks to Avantenor for subtly telling what I was barely hinting at in the review.
Yes, it's not the problem about your review as well as other ones. The problem here is that some people like myself has little control over curiosity.
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